Make yourself  a pair of stylish tassel earrings. 

Pick a colour to match your favourite outfit, and pick the length to suit your style.



Embroidery floss skein

Earring hook x 2


Sticky tape


1. Decide how long you would like your tassels.

Cut your piece of card to approx. 1cm longer.

Cut a piece of embroidery floss that is approx. 2.5 times the length of the desired finished tassel, centre and attach to near the top edge of the card with a small piece of sticky tape to secure.

2.Using the full embroidery floss, wrap around length of the card, forming a cross with the stuck down bit of thread.

Wrap around at least 20 times.

Leave the ends hanging down past the bottom of the card.

3. Gently remnove the piece of sticky tape to release the short piece of thread.

Use to secure the mass of threads by tying at the top of the card in a tight double knot.

4. Gently slide off of the card.

If too tight, cut the card, being careful not to cut any threads.

5. Take one of the ends of the short piece of embroidery floss and thread through the base ring of an earring hook. 

Tie another double know to secure the earring hook.

Lay the threads down with all the other threads.

6. Take another piece of embroidery floss that is 3 times the length of the tassel. wrap around the top of the tassel, near to the earring hook.

Wrap at least 5 times, as tight as you can, then tie a double knot. Lay the ends down along with the rest of the threads.

7. Hold the tassel at the top earring hook end, with all the lengths laying together. Cut through the looped threads, then trim all threads to the same length.

6. Repeat steps 1-6 to create a second matching tassel earring, and wear your set to add some tassel terrificness to your outfit, or give as stylish handmade gift.

Tassels are a great accessory, and you can easily make your own in the colour of your choice, or create them as gifts, or as additions to other craft projects.

Tutorial by Mia

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