Rainbow Banner
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Spread Joy by creating and hanging a handmade rainbow banner in your window.

You can adapt this design to suit the materials you have at home, so there's lots of fabulous ways to create a rainbow.

Our original version uses the applique technique, layering up sewn shapes,; and uses a cotton fabric, felt, hand-stitching and buttons and sequins; but see below for some variation options.

Hand Sewn Rainbow



Non-stretch Fabric

Felt in colours of the rainbow

Sewing Thread in colours to match you fabric and thread

Embroidery threads or yarn in colours of the rainbow


Wooden dowel

Large yellow button

Small Blue buttons and sequins




1.Download the PDF above for the templates.

Cut out the shapes- Cut 2 of the fabric banner, adding on the seam allowance.

Cut out one each of the rainbow pieces in felt, no seam allowance required. We cut out piece no. 1- Red, 2. Orange, 3. Yellow, 4. Green. 5. Blue, 6. Purple.

The cloud, sun and raindrops are optional, to use instead of buttons and sequins.

2. On one piece of the fabric banner stitch to attach your design in a small running stitch.

Start with the largest rainbow piece at the back (red in our version) and work towards the front and smallest sections of the design (purple in our version.

If included the sun and cloud, attach the sun, then the cloud, then start on the rainbow.

Change thread colour each time you move to a new piece, so that it matches the colour you are working on.

3. Sew on the yellow sun button with yellow thread, and the blue raindrop buttons and sequins with blue thread.


4. To sew the banner, place the 2 banner pieces together right sides in. Pin together.

Sew across the top in a neat running stitch, leaving that 1.5cm seam allowance from the edge.

Leave a 1cm gap (for inserting the wooden dowel) from the top and stitch down the side, and the pointed base.

Stitch up the other side, leaving a 5cm gap at the top (to enable you to turn it inside out).

5. Gently turn the banner inside out through the large gap.

Push out the corners gently with a pencil.

For added neatness, press the banner flat with an iron- place it face down between old tea towels, so as not to pit heat directly on the felt rainbow.

6. Put the wooden dowel through the gap at the top, and whip stitch up the side to close the large gap.

7. Create a rainbow tassel from embroidery thread or yarn, and attach to the pointed base of the banner by sewing through the fabric and tassel.

Learn how to create a tassel here.


8.Tie a colourful thread (or multiple!) around each end of the wooden dowel to hang.

Hang in the window to spread joy!

Switch Up Options

No Buttons or sequins?


Go full applique and create your sun and raindrops from felt; or just keep it simple and let the rainbow shine solo.



No- sew?

No thread to hand or can't sew? Then just use glue!

Swap the fabric banner base for another piece of felt. Cut 1 banner piece using the template, without the seam allowance.

To create to top hanging part, fold over the top of the banner over the wooden dowel, towards the back, and secure with glue. Wait until glue has dried before tying on the string to hang.


No felt?

If you don't have any felt at home, all of the felt rainbow pieces could be cut from any fabric.

The fabric edges may fray a little, but it will give it a rustic charm.

Or layer up rows of colourful buttons or sequins to make those rainbow arches!


No wooden Dowel?


You can use a coffee stirrer, and cut down kebab skewer, or a straw!


No fabric at all?


You could make an incredible paper or card version, just cut one of the banner backing piece without the seam allowance, and stick on your rainbow.

You could even cut the shapes out of magazines for an upcycling project.


Get creative, and spread the joy!

Tutorial By Mia

If you do this make using our tutorial, then share a pic on social media and tag us @themakeescape on Twitter or Instagram, we'd love to see it!

*Tutorials and instructions are kindly provided by Mia and Momtaz for at home use only, and are copyright to the designers, not for mass production. Thank you.

We'll happily teach these sessions for you in a tutored workshop, please get in touch!

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