Dream Catchers
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For at home use only*

Catch sweet dreams by hanging a handmade dream catcher above your bed.

This could be made on an embroidery hood of any size, or upcycle an old bangle for a mini version.



A hoop- and embroidery hoop or bangle

Wool, Yarn, or embroidery thread



Ribbon or fabric strips (Optional)



Download the PDF above to follow the step by step instructions

Not so good at working from stills, there are plenty of helpful tutorials available on the internet to take you through it!

Tutorial By Mia

If you do this make using our tutorial, then share a pic on social media and tag us @themakeescape on Twitter or Instagram, we'd love to see it!

*Tutorials and instructions are kindly provided by Mia and Momtaz for at home use only, and are copyright to the designers, not for mass production. Thank you.

We'll happily teach these sessions for you in a tutored workshop, please get in touch!

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