The perfect party accessory, join us to make these easy-sew fruit coasters!

Zesty Lemon


Card for templates

Felt fabric in 2 colours



Thread in 2 colours



1. Start by creating the templates from the card. Draw and cut out 3 circles with a diameter (width) of 9cm, 8 cm and 6.5cm.

Cut out the largest and smallest template in yellow felt and cut the smallest yellow felt in 6 equal size triangles.

Cut out the middle sized template in white felt.

2. Place the 6 yellow segment pieces onto the white felt circle, evenly spaced to show white between the segments and around the edge. Pin each segment in place with pin. 

Thread a needle with yellow thread, and tie a knot in the end of the thread. leaving at least 8cm past the knot.

3. Enter the needle from the white side, and at the center of one of the segments. Use a running stitch to stitch around the border of the segment approximately 0.25cm from the edge. Remove the pin once secure.

Repeat for the other 5 segments continuing with the same strand of thread. You should end up back in the centre, and can tie a double knot with the other end of your thread. Trim the threads so that they don't overhang the circle.

4. Place the white middle onto the yellow base, with the segments facing up, evenly spaced with yellow showing around the edge. Pin into place.

Thread a needle with white thread, make a knot in the end as before, and use a running stitch to secure into place, stitiching around the border approximately 0.25cm from the edge of the white piece. Secure on the back with a double knot, meeting with the other end of the thread, trim the thread to be neat, and remove the pins. 

5. Use proudly as a coaster for your drink!

6. Create a lime slice by repeating the instructions but replacing the yellow felt and thread with green, an orange slice by using orange, and a grapefruit slice by using pink for the segements and orange for the base!

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Coming soon- Tassel Earrings!

Tassels are so hot right now, and you can easily make your own in the colour of your choice.

Check back for this tutorial soon!

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