Themes and Favourites

Whatever the event, a bit of creativity is always a great addition!


We love coming up with workshops to match themes and celebrate special occasions.

These are some of our most loved creations, we can repeat one of these workshops for your event, or tweak and tailor to your fit your topic or festivity.

We've shown hundreds of adults how to craft, even those who claim not to be creative - so don't worry about levels of experience or interest, we'll make sure everyone at the workshop has a good time, something to show for their efforts, and great memories of the event.

What we provide

Fun and friendly environment

Two experienced crafts tutors who will oversee and run the whole session


Extras (additional costs apply)


Music or performance entertainment

Rainbow Days Banner
Cake Craft Pin cushion
Dream Catcher Designs
Upcycled Christmas Jumpers
Felt Food Fun
Journalling Joy
Awesome Ancient Egypt
J'adore Fashion
Magnificent Murals
But first, coffee!
Glorious Glass Painting
Roaring 20's headbands
Diwali Diyas
Pick up a Penguin
Magnificent Movies
Bollywood Bling
Retro Revival
Hygge Holidays
Beautiful Bugs
Foodie Favourites
Collage Creations
Tradtional Treasures
Beret Bling
Fragrance & Fabrics
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